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Driveway Alarm Systems

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Driveway Alarm Systems provide you notification that someone is approaching or entering your residential yard or driveway or business / commercial drivethru. The notification is an alert or alarm signal on a remote interior or exterior chime, announcer, flashing light, bell, siren, etc.

Driveway Alarm Systems employ a vehicle sensor and a receiver / announcer that generally provides you an audible alert when the driveway sensor has picked-up movement in its path. The motion alert notification signal is sent from the driveway sensor to the inside receiver via a wired driveway alarm system or a wireless signal. With technology advances and the ease of installation the biggest selection of driveway alarms will be found with the wireless technology which can now transmit a signal up to 2 miles / 10,000+ feet away!

There are 3 different types of drive way vehicle sensors:

Driveway Magnetic Probe
Advantages: Only detects vehicles AND probe is buried and out of sight.
Disadvantages: Will not detect people AND slightly more difficult to install.

Driveway Infrared Sensor
Advantages: Detects people and cars / vehicles AND it is simple toinstall.
Disadvantages: Can be set-off by animals AND may not detect during rain or fog.

Driveway Rubber Hose
Advantages: Easy to install AND only detects heavy objects rolling over it.
Disadvantages: Rubber deteriorates AND does not work in ice or snow.

Both the Magnetic Driveway Probe system and Infrared Driveway sensor systems come in wired and wireless transmission systems from the driveway sensor to alert annunciator, also called the driveway alarm receiver or chime. The wireless driveway alarm systems can easily be expanded with more receivers / annunciators and sensors. The Receiver(s) will also distinguish which sensor has activity or motion occuring at it. Multiple infrared and magnetic probe sensors can be used in the same alert system.

Wireless Driveway Alarm System
Advantages: Easily expandable AND it can be used to alert you to people arriving.
Disadvantages: Battery to change every 3 to 9 months AND Transmission range is
reduced by trees and buildings.

Wired Driveway Alarm System
Advantages: No batteries AND no visible sensor on probe system.
Disadvantages: Much more involved installation (trench required from sensor(s) to
building alert receiver) AND through wall installation required.

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